Shopping on Amazon

Don’t get me wrong, I love to go to the store (Target is my Favorite) and touch and feel everything. I love to see my things loud and in color. But sometimes shopping doesn’t work with my schedule, and if do go out to the “Brick and Mortar” store, it’s on my way home from work and I am usually tired. One time I stopped  at CVS for some quick hair color (dark brown to be exact) Yes, I do have to hide the grays, Isn’t it like they say, “I gotta wash that grey right outta my hair” when I saw an HVAC Repair van in front of the door, I knew I was in for a hot shopping trip. I was in and out pretty quick.  But I do have a busy life and do love to shop online when I know exactly what I am looking for. I decided to get Amazon Prime a couple of years ago and I never looked back. OK, I have looked back, I LOVE TARGET!


I do love how I can check my order history and reorder something that I previously ordered. I order all of my pet supplies, Party supplies. Yes, party supplies. I love to throw an elaborate kids party, my granddaughter of 5 years, gets all my party lovin. Whether it be under the sea or Powerpuff girls, Amazon has it all!


Amazon has been pretty good to me over the years, shipping in 2 days you have gotta love that! Whats even better is shipping next day…  OK, even better is same day shipping. I have definitely used that one before. Shipping prices usually vary depending on what you are ordering etc.


I hope you will catch my next blog, I will be showing you how to throw a Kick Butt Kids party.