Little Mermaid/Under the Sea Kids Party

Hi Again. On my last blog, I said I would write about throwing a kick butt kids Party. Today I will tell you from start to finish how to organize an Under the Sea or Little Mermaid Party. THis was such a fun party and my little mermaid loved it!


Food is the ever essential item at any party. I will be listing below the food that I served and the theme related name.


  1. Tortellini Pasta salad- This is the dish I make at every party. The closest thing I could come up with was “Scallops”.
  2. Spinach Artichoke dip- Seaweed Dip
  3. Carrot Sticks- Crab Legs
  4. White cheese cut in triangles- Shark Teeth
  5. Strawberries and grapes- Berried Treasure
  6. Sliced Cucumbers- Sea Cucumbers
  7. We also added some chic fil a chicken tenders, what party in not complete without it.
  8. Homemade cupcakes topped with Homemade chocolate seashells.


Then the ever so popular Candy Bar, which I had much fun with. I tried to stay in the Blue/White theme wherever I could.


  1. White and light blue Rock Candy on a stick- Rock Coral Candy
  2. White bubble gum Balls- Ocean Pearls
  3. Gummy Worms- Fish bait
  4. Swedish FIsh- (Individual packs from Amazon) Shark Bait
  5. Shark gummies- Sharks ( I know, not too original)
  6. Goldfish crackers- goldfish ( again- original)
  7. Chocolate covered Pretzels
  8. Sour Green strips-Sour Seaweed
  9. Blue and white swirled lollipops.
  10. Handmade chocolate shells
  11. Blue Jelly Bellies


Fun activities-


  1. Message in a bottle- I bought a cute purple bottle with a snap lid, and had little papers to write a birthday wish to the Little Mermaid Birthday GIrl.
  2. To keep in the theme of under the sea, we got a big blow-up waterslide that the kids had great summer fun in.
  3. I purchased a big oval bucket from target, then some fishing poles from the dollar store. Plastic fish from Amazon along with some magnets that I added to the end of the string on the fishing pole and on the fish, for a wonderful and easy game of fishing for the little ones. Everyone one had to fish for their lunch that day.



  1. Colorful Tablecloths to Mimic the colors under the sea- I also purchased nets to cover the tables for a nautical look
  2. We created a large frame with the words “Happy Birthday” this was a big hit with getting everyone to take pictures.
  3. We made a great Backdrop out of streamers to mimic water, with a great banner wishing the birthday Mermaid “Happy Birthday”
  4. I also purchased those round paper lanterns at the dollar store- I made jelly fish with those lanterns with string and streamers hanging from the bottom. (In one of my next blogs, I will show you step by step how to make them.)


Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed and got at least one new idea for your Under the sea party.